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About the Owners

Our staff includes Katie Moyer and her three in laws, Jeff, Steve, and Ed Moyer. Katie was married and hosted her own wedding reception at this location.

Katie is a graduate of Penn State University with a BA in Kinesiology. She demonstrates her people skills with current job position at Cranial Technologies as Training and Center Operations Specialist. Katie works with parents of children diagnosed with plagiocephaly.

Jeff and Ed Moyer serve as the number two’s to Katie. Jeff is a graduate of Slippery Rock  University of Pennsylvania with BA in Education. Jeff is currently a physical education teacher at Prince Georges County school district. Jeff spent 9 years as a carpenter working for the Window Specialists and learned the trade of general construction and remodeling. Ed graduated from Penn State and earned a BA in Agricultural Engineering. He has taken that degree and applied it to the energy industry where he acted as a Drilling Engineer for CNX Gas Co. The engineering background helps to evaluate any building or redesign situations that may come up.

Steve Moyer, brother of Jeff and Ed, is a graduate of Pittsburgh University and carries a Civil Engineering degree. He has been a member of the United States Military serving in the Navy for 6 years. Steve has earned title of Lieutenant. This experience will be valuable to demonstrate a strong leadership position and guide us through any troubles along the way.

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